The New Normal: Afghanistan Falls In Only 20 Days After 20 Years Of US War, Gold & Silver Shrug?

Gold & Silver

Not that the fundamentals matter either, of course…

(by Half Dollar) There is only one thing that matters to the Cartel: A steady supply of Gamblers in the Rigged Casino.


That’s about it.

I mean, sure, everybody knows “they must have metal to deliver into the market or else the whole dang thing blows up”, but when there are plenty more Gamblers in the Rigged Casino than there are mad scrambles to bring physical silver to market, it’s not like the Cartel has to work all that hard to bring silver to market, much less to keep the Beast fed.

Besides, if the Cartel is having difficulty bringing silver to market, well now, that’s not even really the Cartel’s problem, is it?

That’s the dentist’s problem, that’s the industrial user’s problem, that’s the bullion dealer’s problem, that’s the mint’s problem, and that’s the Jeweler’s problem, and all of those problems will be accompanied by real world pricing that includes hefty premiums above and beyond the price of spot, as well as increased wait times to get actual metal in-hand, but none of those things are really the Cartel’s problem.

Regardless, I am not surprised in the least to see that gold & silver have been held in check ever since the US Empire has shown itself to be more or less defeated on the global stage.

However, I have not cut through the very, very thick propaganda, so I’m not really sure what is going on, nor will I take any time to try to figure it out, because it’s not like we could even talk about it anyway, but suffice it to say that the whole thing smells all sorts of rotten.

So ironically, or pathetically, or expectedly, casting the manipulation aside for a moment, since the “market” reaction was basically a non-reaction, across a variety of markets, that non-reaction can only mean one thing: The so-called “Fall of Afghanistan” was already priced-in.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Like, no loss of confidence in the United States, at all:

The dollar has generally been rising through all of this.

If we’re not done waging war on the other side of the world, the War Machine will need to ramp-up yet again:

Unless, of course, the War Machine will now begin to point inwards, something which I’ve argued will happen for some time.

Either way, don’t be surprised if there is new war “spending” on top of all of the other trillions in Federal government “spending”, and don’t be surprised if interest rates fall amid all of the new selling of US government “debt”.

There’s a new meaning to the term “war effort”:

Not that it’s all that hard for the Cartel to win.

For the Cartel has already conquered the hearts and minds of “market” “participants”:

Although just like we see with today’s headlines, whether they’re all true, all false, or somewhere in between, decades of “progress” can be undone in a matter of days.

Generally speaking, war is good for crude oil:

And by “good”, I don’t mean that in a good way.

Let’s just hope Iraq War 3.0 isn’t near its start.

Copper’s been going sideways lately:

Is the infrastructure package still a thing?


Just kidding.

Everybody knows it’s “Infrastructure In Name Only” and that no actual infrastructure will get built or repaired.

With perhaps the exception of the fabulous roads (or train tracks) leading to the FEMA Camps:

Pro Tip: If push comes to shove, a gold (or silver) coin might just be one’s Ticket to Freedom.

Speaking of freedom, I recall recently reading some “analyst” talking about the risk of “confiscation” with gold:

Without going over the gazillion reasons as to why a gold confiscation not just can’t happen, but won’t happen, let me make one simple point and ask it as a question: Who would willingly go along with something that is immoral, unethical, and Unconstitutional?

Silver “caught a bid” on Friday:

Hasn’t caught back up to $25 though.

Palladium continues to mark time:

Although that range is tightening even more.

Let’s continue to keep our eye on platinum:

Will there be another great buying opportunity at an even lower price?

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

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