Letter: EV infrastructure owes a debt to the pioneers


We’ve been driving 100 per cent electric since 2014. Our first car barely made 65 miles on one charge in the winter, resulting in frequent “range anxiety” on trips longer than the school run. The fact that we still managed to go as far as Devon and Manchester is entirely thanks to the Electric Highway.

Of course competitors are chomping at the bit to get into this market now that it has been established, in no small part, thanks to the courage and vision of the highway’s architects, Dale Vince and Ecotricity. They invested huge amounts in charging infrastructure when electric cars were still the preserve of hobbyists and well-meaning eco-warriors like our family.

On multiple occasions we were saved by a solitary Electric Highway charging unit in a sleepy service station on some far reaches of the motorway network. I hope the Competition and Markets Authority takes this into account when deciding on any action during its upcoming investigation (“Probe called into charging stations for electric vehicles”, Report, July 24/25).

Faisal Sheikh
Managing Director, Monmouth Capital, London W1, UK

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