Biden Announces Forced “Inconveniences” for the Unvaccinated Americans

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By Chris Black

Motto: we need to vaccinate the unvaccinated because the vaccines don’t work for the vaccinated.

We are at that point in the game where the unvaccinated are going to become enemies of the people, just like in Bolshevik Russia. I have zero doubt that the Biden administration is going back to March of 2020, which means total lockdown and full mask mandates enforced by the feds.

And this time, they are not going to take no for an answer, the writing is on the wall. 

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New York Times:

President Biden on Thursday sought to revive the nation’s stalled push to vaccinate Americans against the surging Delta variant of the coronavirus, announcing new requirements for federal workers to be vaccinated and urging local and state governments to offer $100 to anyone willing to get a shot voluntarily.

His announcement included only federal civilian employees, but hours later the Pentagon said members of the military would also be subject to the same rules: Get vaccinated or face regular testing, social distancing, mask wearing and limits on official travel.

If there really was something floating around outside that required a face shield and mask to protect you, and was incredibly deadly, we’d all already be dead.  Diapering up, is only for show, fear and control, along with the elimination of the self, your identity. 

The new identity is the mask, the symbol of slavery.

There is no Delta variant. The PCR tests they use for Covid would be positive if you tested the bird crap that fell on your windshield. By the way, the CDC admitted recently that the PCR test is crap.

 We’re in the final stage of “asking you nicely”. The White House is still pushing the narrative that the mRNA so-called vaccines are protecting you from the deadly disease which according to their own numbers has a 99.97 percent survivability rate (it’s just the flu bro).

The rest of the world has already admitted that the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are not actually working. As I told you a couple days ago, Iceland, a country with a 90 percent of the population double-vaxxed is already talking about a 15-year covid restrictions plan.

Meanwhile, Pfizer is cashing out like bandits (that’s the official Pfizer Twitter account, not a meme account by the way):

S stands for Stonks ☺.

Pfizer announces that even after the third-jab against Delta, you will also need to purchase their anti-viral. At this point, neither the vaccine nor masks should be obligatory. This is clown world on steroids.

Getting back to business, here’s what dear leader had to say:

This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Mr. Biden said, calling it an “American tragedy” and talking directly to the 90 million Americans who are eligible for a vaccine but have not gotten one. “People are dying and will die who don’t have to die. If you’re out there unvaccinated, you don’t have to die. Read the news.”

Basically, according to the dementia in chief, unvaccinated Americans are all going to die soon. Well, I’ll take my chances Mr. Biden, thank you very much.

The main thing to understand is that we’ve entered into the next phase of the Great Reset, where American people no longer have rights. All our Constitutional rights were surrender last year, when we accepted that the Federal Government is our daddy, and in order to keep us safe from a hoax virus, we must forfeit our decision making capabilities, and let “the science” make all the decisions for us.

We’re on a path of no return. Do you remember Tucker Carlson in April 2020 asking the governor of New Jersey about how he was able to violate the people’s First Amendment? He just smirked and giggled:

[embedded content]

You should have protested right then and there, but everyone just thought it was all just a silly joke. That’s the foundation of all of this: politicians giggling at the idea of inalienable rights and freedoms, and the public going along with it.

Freedom ain’t free.

The Constitution is dead and buried, as any freedoms and rights you thought you had are gone baby, gone. When the vaxx police are going to come at your door soon, just try to tell them about your rights. You’ll be on for a rude awakening.

Vaccine passports are already implemented in Canada:

The US will follow the globalist path soon, because everything was pre-planned a long time ago, and it’s all part of a single global agenda. You’ll see a new lockdown (a prison term) coming this fall, as a necessary step to get people accustomed with the vaccination passport.

I will not be shocked if the military will be asked to go door to door to force vaccinate people, once the panopticon electronic grid is implemented in the form of a digital vaccination passport. The new measures that are going to be implemented soon are going to be permanent, and you will live under a total control grid.

Meanwhile, Republican congressmen are whining about masks and freedom in Cuba. What about freedom in the US? 

Forget about those shills, there’s no political solution, they are all bought and paid for, Democrats and Republicans alike. 

You have zero representation and zero institutional power as a right-winger:

In other words, you have to be enslaved so that you can go around liberating others from socialism and bring them gay anal and vaccines.

But in Europe, it’s been huge. 

Americans don’t seem to care much about what’s in store for them, or to even realize that the vaccine passport is coming:

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