House Votes 220-211 to Approve Massive Government Expansion and Bailout Under Auspices of COVID Relief Bill

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by Sundance

The $1.9 trillion blue state bailout bill has passed the House of representatives.  No republicans supported the bill in the House or senate. Unfortunately, the outcome as as we anticipated after the 2020 election {Go Deep}: “The Blue Team state bailout comes atop a massive 2020 COVID federal spending package. As with the previous 2009 spending package, it will be gift-wrapped in paper to appear like Main Street is a COVID relief beneficiary… However, just like the 2009 ARRA, there will be no ‘shovel ready jobs‘ saved or created.  It is all a ruse for a transfer of taxpayer wealth.”

The political institutions of the U.S.A. which have protected our constitutional republic for generations are collapsing.  The fourth estate, last line of defense media, has been fully compromised by years of manipulative ideological alignment with the progressive left.

The courts are under assault and federalism is tenuously positioned.  The borders are open and unprotected.  Federal representatives are compromised within a DC system that is self-protecting; they have even erected physical walls, barbed wire and armed troops to protect themselves from We The People.   We are on the cusp of our very own Yellow Vest movement.  The effort to push-back against this overarching system of government control has to get loud and local, very local.

(Via Axios) […] The massive spending package was passed via budget reconciliation, a process that allows the Senate to approve legislation with a simple majority vote, rather than the usual 60-vote threshold.

    • Had Democrats not clinched control of the Senate by winning the two runoff elections in Georgia in January, the size of the package — if one existed at all — would have been far smaller.
    • The bill passed in the Senate last week 50-49 after a marathon of late-night amendments, which only began after Republicans forced the clerk to read the entire 628-page bill out loud — a process that took 11 hours.
    • The House vote fell almost exactly along party lines, with one Democrat — Rep. Jared Golden of Maine — voting against it.

Details: The bill approves $1,400 stimulus payments for individuals making up to $75,000 and couples making $150,000. It will also extend weekly $300 unemployment insurance until Sept. 6. Other highlights include:

    • An increased child tax credit in 2021 of $3,600 for children up to age 5 and up to $3,000 for ages 6–17.
    • $128.6 billion to help K-12 schools reopen.
    • $19 billion in emergency rental assistance.
    • $25 billion to help restaurants.
    • $46 billion for coronavirus testing and tracing.
    • $5.2 billion to support the research and development of vaccines.
    • $7.25 billion for Paycheck Protection Program loans.

What to watch: The White House says Biden will sign the bill on Friday (more)

We are watching deployment of an identical playbook used previously to bail-out Wall Street, Big Banks and political benefactors/beneficiaries in 2009.

  • COVID crisis 2020 replaces the housing/banking crisis 2008.
  • Pelosi repackages the TARP strategy as a COVID response.
  • States are bailed out in 2020 like the Too Big to Fail banks in 2008.
  • Union leadership benefit as they did in the 2008 operation.

…And the great reset begins.

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