Silver Price Shenanigans: “Marked to Model” or “Marked to Market”?

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They’re stealing all buyer’s profits by rigging the settle…

submitted by J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

       Gold is going higher in the early morning with the trade at $1,813.30, up $11.40 and close to the high at $1,815.10 with the low at $1,802.10. Silver is leading the increase with its trade at $19.54 up 48.7 cents with the high right here at $19.57 with the low at $19.08. The basket full of other currencies, called the US Dollar Index, is now valued at 96.435, down 17.9 points recovering from the London dip at 96.34 with the high at 96.64. Of course, all this happened already, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after another supposed trusted professional is caught lying, or fearmongering the masses, as the NBC doctor who ‘battled the CCP19’ admits he never had the virus. There’s so much bullshit by professionals out there, it’s hard to trust anything coming from them or the media.

      Venezuela’s issuances gave Gold an increase of 1.99 Bolivar from Friday’s earliest morning report to today, with the last trade at 18,110.33, Silver is now at 195.156, gaining 4.095 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold priced at 128,301.92 Peso’s showing a loss of 199.94 with Silver going in the opposite direction gaining 25.55 with the last trade at 1,381.16 A-Peso’s. Even the Turkish Lira’s currency has Gold under pressure with the last trade losing 1.19 from Friday’s quote at 12,450.60 Lira yet, Silver is gaining regardless of Gold with the trade up 2.815 at 134.171 T-Lira’s. It looks like Silver is breaking thru the price restrictions on a number of currencies, Hi Ho Silver, Away!!

      Our July Silver Delivery Demands now sit at 2,663 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts with a Volume of 17 already up on the board, reducing Friday’s demands by 194 contracts, getting receipts between here and London, with a trading range between $19.50 and $19.155 with today’s last trade at the high, up 51.7 cents. Friday’s full-days trades, within the delivery system, contained a total of 62 swaps inside a super tight trading range between $19.03 and $19.005 yet the Silver and Gold fixers settled the price at $18.983. They are stealing all buyer’s profits by rigging the settle when the last trade should be the closing price. Even though this “close” is a poor example, last Thursdays rigged close in Gold, is a prime example of criminal behavior made by those that “fix” the price. The last trade should be where the market settles the trade or “Marked to Market”, not the adjusted close, which is called “Mark to Model”. The shorts in Silver might have a puckered sphincter when they wake this morning, as the Overall Open Interest hardly had a chance to change as only 84 contracts left before this morning’s trades, that gave us a total of 175,733 Overnighters still in the trade, and losing almost a half a billion today, and just before the Comex open.  

      July Gold’s Delivery Demands now sit at 343 fully paid for 100-ounce contracts and with a Volume of 1 up on the board with a price at $1,805.00, up $6.80 so far today. The Physical Demand count was reduced by 405 contracts on Friday that had a Volume of 236 with a price range between $1,805.50 and $1,797.70 with the last trade at $1,799, yet closed at $1,798.20. At least the shorts in Gold are getting out before it gets too much for their pocketbooks as the Overall Count dropped by 3,678 Overnighters leaving a total of 569,410 in Open Interest.

      Over the past several months, we have all been given the runaround about this virus. Is it a real issue, or is it not? We’ve had to endure the media’s “Masks-perts” using the shallowest of terms in order to sway the mind towards or against the mask’s usage. It’s almost as if, the media’s controllers (6 who actually own 90% right out of Creature from Jekyll Island) really want their viewers to die or get sick. Who is wrong here since they choose to ignore what happened in Wuhan? I’ll gladly leave room to be wrong here (I wear a mask when I shop), in fact I pray that I am wrong, but none of the antics by Dr’s that have to lie to get paid, or the mask-perts memes have answered why a nation would lock up 11 million people overnight. Who gave the media the right to sway anything when we still don’t fully know what we’re dealing with here? Now we have a few Wuhan Lab Whistleblowers who have not only escaped the lab, they escaped the communist’s country and are now working with the FBI. I for one, would love to no longer wear the mask, but not at the expense of my life or to endure any long-term issues that have yet to be discovered. That shit takes time to figure out. There are no experts when it comes to a lab experiment that got out. If there really is no problem with this bio, why did the CCP destroy the lab?

      Now that we’re in the third quarter, we have a very interesting subject to deal with, commercial and private debt payment failures, and at all levels. The “Too Big To Fail” banks are getting ready for their worst quarter since the financial crisis, and most likely ever. The Velocity of Money, which is used to prove how much the flow of money is going on in the world, is failing to generate the revenues higher in order to keep this global financial monster alive. The VOM has been failing, even before the CCP19 bio got out and was used to remove the focus on the economies. Confidence has failed in almost all things, and with that precious metals will rise, as the debt of nations, collapse into a pile of ash. This is why we are here, strongly suggesting one take to buying physical precious metals when they can.

     So, keep the real in hand, hold on tight to your faith, keep a smile on your face and a prayer for all, because we are truly in this together, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

[email protected]

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