OPINION: Access to the Truth is being closed off, while fear is being openly inflated

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by John Ward

The headline above is not news to those who are awake (as opposed to ‘woke’) but there remains a very real need to spread the word about media complicity in an increasingly corporate fascist world. Not surprisingly, Covid19 disinformation looms large.

Facebook has had a facelift. It chose to launch it while the bandages were still on. Several features now say ‘Sorry, we didn’t get round to that yet’. Links to one’s various pages are absent.

Twitter has also “updated” itself: The Top Ten trends have been replaced by what Twitter thinks are important trends. The ability to look at trends in other countries has gone AWOL.

The blog software system WordPress has introduced a new ‘block posting’ system – which is aptly named, because it is largely in the way. The Categories button doesn’t work. The specialist symbols facility has disappeared. Functions that formerly required a single click now require two or more.

Is this simply the online pointy-head Aspergers Syndrome we have come to know and love at work again? Or is the desire to restrict users intentional? I’ve no idea….and no way of knowing.

So much for the virtual social circles. Now for the laughably branded mainstream media.

Unless the Fear Factor is at Defcom 6, most Anglo-Saxon and EU newspapers and TV stations obviously feel they are failing in their duty to scare the bejeesus out of us. The anti-Trump brigade published some ourageously fiddled numbers about Covid19 in the US yesterday as if they were brand new; in fact, they were from early June. Here in the France, this was the front page of La Dépêche this morning:

So let’s examine the ‘bad signals’ in the headline: last week, there were 3,797 new cases recorded in France. Total deaths: 14

This week, the cases are in three figures. Today and yesterday, nobody died. Not one person expired…but the paper made this its lead story.

Further down on the front page, La Dépêche asks, ‘Can Coronavirus survive in sea-water and contaminate bathers? Page 6’. We hastily lick the newsprint and rush to age 6….only to find that one sealed packet of shrimps washed up in Ecuador tested positive for C19.

Now then folks, do we think the CI9 came from the sea? Or do we think it was transmitted under low temperature conditions in a Chinese packing factory like those that caused the spike in Leicester?

Here’s another equally sensible question to ask: why in the blue blazes of an eternity of madness would you test one random packet of shrimps washed up on an Ecuadorean beach for Coronavirus? “Hey, I don’t have a lot on today,” thought fork-lift driver and epidemiological pro-am expert Pedro Gonzalez, “Think I’ll wander off downtown and test some bicycles for Covid19”.

But the Page 6 piece concluded – wait for it – “this finding strongly confirms just how contagious this virus is”. So now you know.

While all this disinformation nonsense is being defaecated onto the heads of the populace, today’s London Times gives some free PR to GSK boss Emma Walmsley…but in doing so, perhaps also gives the game away:

Yet again, we see glaring evidence of an attempt to prepare frightened people for a new normal in which the entire human race is dependent on the output of Big Pharma.

Ms Walmsley – whom The Slog has written about previously – omits to mention that, had her industry not pushed GPs to give out antibiotics as if they might be jelly babies in the 1960s – we would not now be facing mutating viruses.

But you see clearly where her narrative is going – “the world needs to be better prepared for global health threats”, but antimicrobial resistance was another such threat that “left untackled risks taking us back to a time when a simple cut could become lethal”.

Tune in, people: if you oppose the vaccinators, then you’re a natural remedy crank keen to take us back to the Dark Ages.

I do find this so offensive, it’s hard to express my feelings in writing – so I shall do so via a familial anecdote. My Dad’s sister Molly – a dropdead sexy looking woman – had her life expectations ruined by a leg amputation caused by “a simple cut” in the late 1920s.

Molly’s cut didn’t turn septic because of a lack of antibiotics, but rather, because my grandmother lived in ignorance of antiseptic cleanliness and obsessive fear of medical bills….and so left it far too late before bringing in the medical “profession”.

Our hospitals today are not rife with unnecessary death because of some species mystery: they are so because we have allowed appalling levels of hygiene to become the norm – and went along with incontinent prescription of antibiotics for decades.

The appearance of Covid19 – and the ludicrous reaction to it – has revealed three things above all:

  1. The pharmaceutical giants have jumped opportunistically onto a stream of untruths to scare the daylights out of the ignorant
  2. Their bought whores in the medical research sector will sell every soul they can use in return for funding
  3. The social media are, little by little, making it harder to hear about contrarian views, while the MSM serve up little beyond distortion, distraction and disinformation.

What precisely will it take to make the fully-sighted blind people in our midst use that primary sense in a manner congruent with nature’s original intention?

Once again, I don’t know. But one of the very few things in life of which I’m certain is that we are – all of us – being fed a large lump of horse dung wrapped in bullshit and neatly tied up by a bow fashioned from scrotally infected bollocks.

Some of us see it. Others smell it. And a frightening proportion of human beings are convinced by it. Mind you, tasting it wouldn’t be a great idea….but there will always be the Emma Walmsleys of this world ready to remind you that, if it tastes awful, the medication must be doing you good.

Enjoy the weekend.

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