Bricks (for throwing?) Appear In Riot Hot Spots In Cities Around The Country: “Yo, We Got Bricks”

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Of course they’ve got bricks, and it’s going to be one long and violent week. Here’s why…

(by Half Dollar) At least they don’t have guns, for now.

I think that’s coming too.


For now, they’re bricks.

Here’s one example from over the weekend.

Thinking the worst of the rioting is behind us, however, would be a mistake.

Here are some pics of “pre-staged” bricks from just today (for lack of a better term):

That’s Baltimore, and while it seems like that pile was “removed”, thankfully, it’s the pile you don’t see that will get ya, and besides, bricks are a dime a dozen.

They’re showing up halfway across the country:

So, if you thought the disinformation and propaganda regarding coronavirus were bad, well, it sure looks like the disinformation and propaganda are about to get shifted into an even higher gear.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what do you think about the bricks?”.

I think it’s misguided focus.

You see, if it’s not bricks, it will be something else, and if it’s not placed there, it will be placed somewhere else, and so on, and so forth.

In other words, whether it’s a pile of bricks or something else that gets left by who knows who, something will work its way into the hands of angry, and mad, protesters & rioters.

Is somebody or something trying to incite riots?

I think there’s some of that.

The harder question is this: Would people riot anyway?

I think so.

Read this post to find out why I say the riots cannot be stopped.

Furthermore, while George Floyd was only the pin that pricked the bubble in tyrannical government, his funeral is not until Thursday.

From CNN:

A funeral memorial for George Floyd is scheduled for Thursday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said at a news conference Monday.

“It will be an important event both for the city of Minneapolis and Minnesota and for the nation to watch that process of celebrating a life that was taken in front of us, an opportunity for leadership,” he said.

We’re in for one long week…

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