China’s manufacturing recovery stuttered in May, but PMI positive for third month in a row – Forex Factory

Gold & Silver


Shouldn’t commodity price come down ? Especially Silver ? What intrigues me is that Silver is peaking in price , Silver is an industrial commodity and not currency like gold , in current slow down in industrial activity should be crashing down the Silver price , but rather it’s peaking up faster than gold … any one has a clue why ?

Most times retail traders see in bits and pieces, while some big pockets behind the scenes have Helicopter view.

They prop up the prices buying all along to a price where a large order is waiting (sometimes, retail traders call them false breaks) but are they really, because most ‘false breaks’ are followed by a plunge, the irony is that they may also be waiting at the bottom of the plunge.

Position management is the thing that cannot be taken away from retail traders for now (FIFO is one way of taking that away, if implemented by all countries).

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