Microsoft Targets Blockchain Tokens: Unveils Platform for Minting Enterprise


It goes without saying that the blockchain industry has come a long way over the last decade, and it is no wonder that an idea like that of blockchain tokens is finally taking concrete shape. In a new development that is going to cause waves in the crypto sphere, tech behemoth Microsoft announced that it is going to create a platform that is going to help create crypto tokens with ease.

Microsoft has stated that creating crypto tokens is going to be made far easier through this platform, and it is apparently going to be as easy as using an actual printer.

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Major Development

Moreover, these tokens are going to be ready for use by enterprises, and that opens up another massive market for the company. On Monday, the principal architect at Microsoft, Marley Gray, made the announcement with regards to the company’s Azure Blockchain Tokens platform. During the announcement, Gray stated that tokens that are ready for use by enterprises are now a time-consuming process, but the new platform will ensure that that whole thing becomes far easier. He likened it to how printers are now a lot easier to connect to a computer than it used to be in the past.

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Gray spoke about the potential ease of using this platform with CoinDesk. He stated, “You can go and buy a printer or any type of device [now] and just plug it in and it works. It’s the same analogy here for tokens and that is what we are building in Azure.”

Azure is Microsoft’s very own cloud computing service, and over the past few years, it has emerged as the only real challenger to Amazon’s Amazon Web Services. If Microsoft can get more clients interested in blockchain tokens, then this platform could end up becoming one of the most important product launches from the company.

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