Bakkt is All Set to Introduce Bitcoin Futures in September


Bakkt is all set to launch its much-awaited platform for Bitcoin futures.

When cryptocurrency first grabbed the attention of the global public, it was still looked upon as a novelty and something far too chaotic to be regulated by the relevant authorities. However, much has changed over the past couple of years as a range of fresh products have been launched, and perhaps the most important one is Bitcoin futures.

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Everything is on Schedule

Earlier on this year, cryptocurrency firm Bakkt announced that it was all set to launch a fully regulated Bitcoin exchange in September. Moreover, the company also stated at the time that Bitcoin futures were going to be offered in the said exchange. It goes without saying that there is a lot of excitement around this platform, and recently, the company confirmed that it is on track for the launch.

The new platform that is going to be launched by Bakkt is aiming to make an investment in Bitcoin easier for most customers. However, it should be pointed out that the primary focus for Bakkt is to attract institutional investors to the platform and if it can do that, then that could prove to be a major breakthrough for the entire crypto space.

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In addition to that, the Bitcoin futures contracts that are going to be traded on the platform are going to be settled in Bitcoin. This particular feature makes it especially advantageous for institutions that might want to avoid any kind of volatility. Over the years it has been noticed that advanced platforms often failed to meet their deadlines when it came to launches.

However, Bakkt has managed to buck the trend and announced that it is going to launch its new platform on September 23 as planned. It is a platform that could have far-reaching consequence for the entire crypto space if it does manage to attract a considerable chunk of institutional investors.

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