BitTorrent Token (BTT) to Power Expedited File Sharing on TRON Network


BitTorrent Token (BTT) has taken a significant hit in recent weeks after hitting peak levels in May. While a crash to new lows against Bitcoin (BTC) is a point of concern, the software company behind the token is already looking into the future.

BitTorrent Speed

The TRON subsidiary has launched BitTorrent Speed, a new crypto powered approach designed to enhance peer-to-peer file sharing. The speedy software seeks to scale up upload and download speeds within the TRON network.

Millions of users stand to enjoy fast and uninterrupted access to files on the network with BitTorrent Speed. Users also stand to be rewarded for any activity carried out on the network with BitTorrent Token.

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In a press release, BitTorrent notes that users should expect fast systems that can allow the downloading of tons of megabytes in a split second. In addition to enabling fast downloads, the new software will also help make downloads readily available.

The unveiling of BitTorrent Speed marks an important milestone as part of the BitTorrent and TRON network partnership. The two came together with the ultimate goal of scaling up browsing time on the web. This marks an important step towards creating the largest blockchain-based app to support fast downloads and uploads.

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BTT Token

The unveiling of the new software should help ramp up support for the BTT Token, which is the native cryptocurrency for the network and key to faster downloads.

“Something I have noticed is the $BTT Reddit is filled with discussion about the utilization of the technology from real-world users, not talk on trading. It cannot be denied that this coin has the potential for the most significant mass adoption we have ever seen. #Bittorrent,” said crypto trader Jasper.

While the crypto-coin has come under pressure in recent months, there are plans to distribute the token through a series of airdrops as well as through the BitTorrent ecosystem. Currently, there are about 21% of BitTorrent tokens in circulation in the market.

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