OkCoin Opens Up Euro Pairs to Traders: Get Em’ While They’re Hot!


It’s a big week for OkCoin, with the crypto exchange launching in the EU.

Here’s everything we know about the launch.

OKCoin Launches in EU: The Details

On Tuesday, June 4, OKCoin posted a blog post that said it is opening up euro pairs to traders. For non-United States users, starting yesterday, the crypto exchange’s new spot trading offerings cover euro pairs with the following: Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and, of course, Bitcoin. The exchange plans to add more pairs soon; euros can be withdrawn with no fees until September 4.

“OKCoin users outside of the U.S. can now deposit and withdraw euros. Starting at 8:00 pm PT, June 4th, all OKCoin users can participate in euro spot trading for leading digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash,” the blog post said.

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Of course, this news is noteworthy for two reasons.

First, it means OKCoin is expanding its business. And as we know, growth is how companies stay afloat in industries that are constantly changing, seeing new players.

Secondly, Europe, according to Jovan Gavrilovic, General Manager of Europe at the crypto exchange, “is essential to the evolution of the cryptocurrency markets.” Gavrilovic added that Europe “is home to many progressive ideas for innovating and disrupting the status quo of the global financial system while maintaining a balanced regulatory approach.”

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OkCoin had more to say Wednesday, as well. In the same blog post, the crypto exchange said it is opening a new office in Malta.


Obviously, this is a big week for the crypto exchange. Not only is Europe an important player in the crypto space that OkCoin has acquired, but it’s also offering traders with more options, which is likely to benefit the firm.

What do you think, though? Do you think OkCoin should have launched in Europe? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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