New Robotic Furniture For Small Spaces By IKEA And Ori

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More and more people today are choosing to live in smaller spaces.  They are either downsizing, are ecologically conscious, or want to live in a very desirable location, which might otherwise not be financially feasible with a larger space. 

People are also moving around more than they did in the past. They move as their family situations change, for career opportunities and just for a change of scenery. With both of these factors currently the case for many people; they are choosing more mobile furniture that can be taken apart and moved to another location. Often they are also looking for smaller scale furniture that will fit into the smaller spaces they are moving into. 

IKEA’s goal has always been to create comfortable furnishings that don’t compromise on functionality. According to Seana Strawn, Product developer for new innovations at IKEA of Sweden “We have been working with developing small space living solutions for a long time, and we know that some of the biggest challenges in peoples’ homes are storage and finding the place to do all the activities that you’d want to do in your home. This is especially the case in big cities where people have to make compromises in the functions of their homes. We wanted to change that.” 

A recent solution was developed with the collaboration between IKEA and the American startup Ori with their ROGNAN. This new furniture will be comfortable and practical, taking advantage of every inch of a small space. The furniture allows people to turn small spaces into “smart” spaces that have all the comfort and convenience of a larger home. They have developed an all-in-one unit that can be transformed into a bedroom, walk in closet, workspace or living room. The unit is transformed with the use of an interface touchpad, which moves the piece with robotic technology. The furniture is on wheels, powered and guided by a track along the wall. The robotics enables the furniture to transform at the touch of a button. The furniture includes IKEAs storage solution PLATSA, a modular storage system with a multitude of options easily customizable. If needs change, the interior space can also change, adding flexibility and avoiding the waste that comes with overhauling all of ones furniture for a move. 

The furniture is designed to be assembled like other IKEA products, but installation services will also be offered.

The first launch of this furniture will be in Hong Kong and Japan during 2020. Unfortunately there is no word yet when the ROGNAN will be available in North America.

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