Pepsi Blockchain Trial a Success: Company Plans to Conduct More Soon


On Monday, May 6, media agency Mindshare said a Pepsi blockchain trial has been carried out and that it brought a 28% boost in supply chain efficiency. At the time of writing, PEP stock is down less than 1%.

Here’s what we know.

Pepsi Blockchain Trial: The Details

Today, Mindshare said the Pepsi blockchain trial was intended to see if blockchain could address “industry challenges” in programmatic advertising. The trial ran in March in the Asia Pacific region. Alongside Mindshare, the food and beverage company worked with MediaMath, a programmatic marketing technology firm, and Ad Science, a media firm Integral.

The campaign was also meant to improve transparency and stretch advertising budgets. And the trial proved to be a success, with PepsiCo’s director of consumer engagement saying “the results are encouraging.”

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In the trial, the companies compared a controlled budget to measure how effective blockchain technology is, sources say. According to Mindshare, there was a 28% increase in supply chain efficiency in terms of the cost for viewable impressions, according to sources. The results also indicated efficiency increases “in running the campaign through smart contracts, versus one without.”

With the success of the Pepsi blockchain trial, the New York-area company plans to run more campaigns, this time “under different conditions to verify more hypotheses and measure overall impact.”

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Stock Reacts

After the news was released, PEP stock slid into the red zone. According to Yahoo Finance, PEP stock is trading at $127.36, which puts it down 0.23% on the Nasdaq.


What do you think about the results from the Pepsi blockchain trial? Are you intrigued by a food and beverage giant like Pepsi moving into the blockchain industry? Do you have any predictions for the new round of campaigns?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow along with this story!

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