Facebook Coin: Catalyst for Crypto Growth, Says Spencer Bogart


With the introduction of the Facebook Coin, the cryptocurrency world is facing a revolution. Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital, in an interview with Bloomberg, shed some light on the media giant’s venture into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Trickle-Down Effect of Facebook Coin

In the interview, Bogart stated that there are several catalysts on the horizon in the cryptocurrency market despite the speculated “bottom” being reached. One good catalyst will be the anticipated Facebook Coin that will change dynamics in the cryptocurrency industry.

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The Facebook Coin project will be an incredible project in electronic payments because it operates differently from current cryptocurrencies.

Bogart used the phrase “gateway drug” to assert that the adoption of the Facebook Coin will spur on the cryptocurrency market by adding billions into it. After establishing initial public confidence using the fiat-backed Facebook Coin, users can then diversify into Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Bogart added that it is likely a given percentage of users will follow this path, which will significantly impact the industry, adoption tricking down to other cryptocurrencies.

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A Cryptocurrency Catalyst?

Besides the adoption success in the long-term, the Facebook Coin project is likely to initiate something that is more significant. The venture has ignited a fire in numerous FinTech and financial institutions across the US. This is evident in what is witnessed in ETrade, TA Ameritrade, and Fidelity’s digital assets wings, which have introduced crypto-centric services both on the retail and institutional front. The Blockchain Capital Partner indicated that the company sprang into action to introduce the service following the launch of the Facebook Coin Project.

The Facebook Coin project will be headquartered in London with another small office in Dublin. The payments project will first target India because of the popularity of WhatsApp in the country.

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