Bitcoin Acceptance Growing: Microsoft Excel Adds Bitcoin Symbol


It seems that cryptocurrencies are nearer and nearer to mainstream adoption with each day. In the latest crypto development, Microsoft Excel has added a Bitcoin symbol to the spreadsheet for use when entering financial data. This is a big leap for Bitcoin acceptance.

Microsoft Adds Bitcoin Symbol to Excel

This move from Microsoft is a sign that Bitcoin acceptance is becoming popular, and it not just a passing whim. So far, only Bitcoin has been added to the platform’s spreadsheets.

Reddit user “thepowerx” indicated that going forward it seems like Microsoft Excel will be featuring Bitcoin as one of the listed supported currencies. However, it is still unclear when the feature will be available for all program users because there is still scanty information regarding the addition. Microsoft itself hasn’t even confirmed the move.

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Bitcoin Acceptance: Microsoft’s Involvement

Microsoft has been warming up to Bitcoin over the years, and adding support for the cryptocurrency to its programs will be a way of accepting Bitcoin whole-heartedly.

Since 2014, Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin payments, making it one of the first mainstream institutions to adopt Bitcoin. Recently, the company was involved in the launch of the Bakkt platform in collaboration with New York Stock Exchange owner Intercontinental Exchange.

Microsoft is not just supporting Bitcoin by normalizing it, but it is also openly building on the platform. The company recently created and unveiled a decentralized identity tool on the Bitcoin platform. The project, termed Ion, will enable the user to be in control of digital identities without depending on any company.

The building of the platform directly on Bitcoin instead of a faster blockchain shows how highly Microsoft regards Bitcoin.

So what do you think about Bitcoin acceptance growing globally?

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