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There is a deeply mystical air about Randy Smith. He could be meditating on his next amazing thing that he’s postulating on creating from thin air it seems. Is it real estate? Ultra-high end Cannabis? Or is it being a part of something larger, and therefore truly amazing in my view? Sure, he’s on one hundred different levels all at the same time with absolute grasp of all the people, places, things and details, but that’s only a very small part of this highly pragmatic and enthusiastic man. I see him in many different roles, enjoying all their nuances and education. How did I surmise this? Well, from my short time in his presence I learned that Randy is full of boundless excitement and that youthful quality of a ready smile backed up by the kind of person who, in his case you’d want to chill out just and talk about the good old’ Grateful Dead.

My favorite kind of friend is that one never met. And nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

Visiting Sunday Goods was something out of a dream from another view of life. As the framework of ‘that day’, I’m unusually sensitive to air travel, I’ve been air-sick more times than I want to admit. Seasick too, but especially airsick while flying in small planes. And what a flight it was from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Wilcox, Arizona via small plane in wildly harrowing weather conditions including air pockets thrusting us hundreds of feet down and up in mere seconds. WB perched in the rear of the aircraft where I’m NEVER supposed to sit. But I digress, it’s no ones fault but mine. Randy, in his deeply paternal manner- helped me with my struggle once on the ground, although it didn’t feel that way at the time. Thank you, sir, it certainly was memorable getting my sea legs back.

I asked Randy to answer my five (or so) questions because I really wanted to know more about him, without asking too many questions in the short time that I had in his company. Sometimes the best questions are the ones that reveal themselves without asking, the ones that remain unsaid. 

Does that make sense? I think so, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Where it all begins

Photo: The Pharm/Sunday Goods

RS= Randy Smith

WB=Warren Bobrow

Sunday Goods Dutch Greenhouse 320,000 sq. ft!

Warren Bobrow: iPhone X

WB: Where are you from?  When was the first time that you used cannabis? Who were you with?

RS:  I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. The first time I ever used cannabis was when I was in middle school and had gone to visit my older brother in Denver, Colorado and we went to see a Grateful Dead show at Red Rocks.  I am sad to report that it was not the high quality, well curated cannabis of today. But, it was a memorable and elevated experience in a magical setting that I will never forget.

Why Cannabis?  Do you have a B-School degree?  There is a massive amount of financial acumen that is needed to run your own company, where did you learn your craft?

RS: My undergraduate degree was in Entrepreneurship and Finance so, that is was the beginning of my financial acumen. I was fortunate enough to be graduate of Harvard Business School through their OPM program, which provided the access to some great minds and thoughtful approaches to business. But, most of what I know, I learned from making every mistake in the book owning my own businesses and being in investor in others. I am a firm believer that you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes.

Do you cook?  If so, who taught you?  Mother?  Father?  Grandparents? Television Cooking Shows?  What is your favorite thing to prepare?  Is there anything that you make that brings a tear to your eye when you eat/drink it? Why?

RS: I love to cook and I cook all the time!  I grew up in a house where my mother was both an educator and politician which was the equivalent of 2 full time jobs but still somehow managed to make a home cooked meal practically every night. My favorite thing to cook is fresh, brined fried chicken that takes 2 days to prepare…..its orgasmic. I have a soft spot in my heart for the culinary artists of the world and I intent to roll some of the proceeds of our cannabis endeavors into an “incubator” of sorts to help chef’s own their own restaurants and bring their dreams to fruition.

What it is

Warren Bobrow: iPhone X

WB: Tell me about Sunday Goods? Where do you see yourself in six months?  One year?  Expansions?

RS:  I am so proud of the team at Sunday Goods and The Pharm. We have assembled some of the most dedicated and passionate cannabis experts in the space and they are all mission driven to do something really special.   It is very humbling to be on this journey alongside of this crew or rockstars. In 6 months we will be in dry runs to open our first brick & mortar store designed by the geniuses at Partners & Spade that we believe will set a new standard for cannabis retail as we know it. A year from now, we will have all facets of our business model operating and be focused on growing the best brand in cannabis and continuous improvement as professionals and humans.   In regards to expansion…..Sunday Goods will definitely be proudly represented in every major cannabis market.

If you could be anywhere in the world, right now, where would that be? With whom? Doing what?

RS:  I would love to take our whole team, as well as some select friends of the brand on chartered boat trip from Barcelona over to the Greek Islands with some great culinary talent, our wine maker team from Napa and plenty of feel good cannabis.

Thank you Randy. I’m honored to have tasted the educated and deeply curated cannabis terroir that your team creates from educated possibilities. I can say with all honesty that there are amazing dreams to be realized through the careful enjoyment of your deeply intrinsic wares. Cheers to you, sir. WB

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