Coinbase Crypto Services Expand to 11 New Countries: Why it’s Important


On April 17th, word went around that Coinbase crypto services will be expanding to 11 new countries. And the information is true. According to the crypto exchange, Coinbase will expand its crypto-to-crypto conversions and trading services to Colombia and Mexico, among other countries.

Here’s what we know.

Coinbase Expanding Crypto Services

Based in San Francisco, USA, Coinbase said in a blog post on Wednesday that customers in 11 new countries now have access to its crypto-to-crypto exchanging services. These services, according to the crypto exchange, will be on Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro as well. For those who don’t know, Coinbase Pro is the firm’s professional trading platform.

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The countries receiving the Coinbase crypto services include Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile. Argentina, South Korea, and Hong Kong also have access, as does Indonesia, India, New Zealand, and the Phillippines.

What Does This Mean for Coinbase?

Of course, this is good news for those interested in crypto trading in the recipient countries. However, it’s also good for Coinbase itself. With the addition of these 11 countries, Coinbase now has a presence in 53 countries across four continents, according to CoinDesk. Further, Coinbase believes crypto-to-crypto is a gamechanger. According to the firm, “the ability to convert from one crypto to another will form the backbone” of a “new decentralized economy.”

So, with the potential of crypto-to-crypto and the fact that now 11 countries have access to it that didn’t before, good things may very well be heading toward Coinbase. Not to mention Coinbase’s mission is to make it “as easy as possible to access crypto;” this announcement is an “important step in that direction.”

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What do you think about Coinbase crypto services expanding to new countries? Does it signify that crypto-to-crypto services are going to be the next big thing?

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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