Crypto News: Huobi Adds XRP and IBM Releases X-Force Red


Crypto news has been fairly slow this week, minus a few major announcements. Huobi Global just announced support for XRP. Another piece of news that should excite investors is IBM releasing its new X-Force Red.

Huobi Adds XRP to OTC Trading Desk

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Yesterday, Huobi released word that XRP would launch on its OTC platform today, making this the biggest piece of crypto news circulating today. The XRP Huboi launch was set at 10:00 (GMT-8). Huobi is currently the ninth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by its 24-hour exchange volume.

XRP now joins Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tether, and Huobi Token, among the coins supported on the OTC trading platform. This platform offers an exchange bridge between digital currencies and fiat currencies.

OTC trade desks have become extremely popular as of late. Many crypto news sites have been heavily following the OTC movement, and it seems Huobi is trying to compete with the other major exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex.

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OTC trade desks facilitate direct transactions between two parties, unlike exchange trading where buy and sell orders are matched through an order-book.

IBM X-Force Red Security Tool

Another exciting piece of crypto news currently circulating involves IBM’s latest push in blockchain. The X-Force name gives off a ‘space’ vibe, but it has people’s attention, which may have been the goal. IBM Security’s X-Force Red is the firm’s dedicated security task force.

Yesterday, the task force released the X-Force Red Blockchain testing service, aimed at tackling inefficiencies in enterprise blockchain deployments. This service will focus on specifics like hyper ledgers, public key infrastructure, and chain code.

This new piece of crypto news is great for enterprise blockchain, which has received recent criticism. IBM firmly believes in the value of using the blockchain in business, and the company is seeing real efficiencies and cost savings from its use. Despite the criticism, IBM continues to push forward with its enterprise blockchain solutions. If successful, the company could push its developing technology to the front of all enterprise blockchain solutions on the market.

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