Celebrate International Women’s Day With 42 Independent Female-Founded Brands

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Dazey LA sweaterDazey LA

On International Women’s Day, I give you a list of 42 independent businesses founded by women that sell beautiful and useful objects, clothing, and self-care wares.

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If I had all the time in the world, this list could be much longer. There is no dearth of female founders nowadays: A 2018 report found a 114 percent increase in women entrepreneurs over the past 20 years (compared to 44% for all businesses).

That’s good news for sure. But overall, women are still half as likely as men to start businesses, and those efforts make up just 4% of all business revenue. In other distressing news, startups founded by women typically receive less than men in investments: 935,000 vs. 2.1 million being the average for women and men respectively.

That same report found that for every dollar of funding, female-founded startups generate 78 cents, compared to 31 cents for startups founded by men. And somehow women still earn 80 cents for every dollar men make.

Bottom line: we have a lot a work to do. Let’s get started by shopping the brands below.


Ace & Jig — Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson

Christy Dawn — Christy Dawn

Dazey LA — Danielle Nagel

Doen — Margaret and Katherine Kleveland

Freda Salvador (shoes) — Megan Papay and Cristine Palomo-Nelson

Happy French Gang — Sandra Dejanovic

Kamperett — Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo

Mara Hoffman — Mara Hoffman

Micaela Greg — Marie and Karen Potesta

Osei Duro — Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh

Richer Poorer and Pointe Studio — Iva Pawling

Saylor — Jillian Shatken

Valentina Shah — Valentina Shah

Gifts, Accessories and Furniture

Ariel Gordon Jewelry — Ariel Gordon

Ban.do —  Jen Gotch

Claire West — Claire West

Dormify — Amanda Zuckerman and Stephanie Kimel

FiatLux — Marie McCarthy

Future Glory — Theresa Lee

High Fashion Home — Dolley Frearson

The Jungalow — Justina Blakeney

Katie Dean Jewelry — Katie Dean

Le Point — Pauline Montupet

Lilian Faraq — Lilian Faraq

Lulu & Georgia — Sara Sugarman

Morningtide — Lisa Fontaine and Lisa Wong Jackson

Of a Kind — Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur

Waant — Jenny Chung Seeger

We Dream in Colour — Jade Gedeon

Yellow Owl Workshop — Christine Schmidt


Bash + Sass — Irene Lee

Bitte —Maia McDonald Smith and Sara McDonald

Petit Collage — Lorena Siminovich

Ziraffe — Yunyi Zhang 

Beauty and Skincare

Indie Lee — Indie Lee

Osmia — Dr. Sarah Villafranco

True Botanicals — Hillary Peterson

Sonya Dakar — Sonya Dakar

Skylar — Cat Chen

Bridal, Party and Floral

Farmgirl Flowers — Christina Stembel

Harlow & Grey — Jeanne Chan and Gloria Wong Tritasavit

LOHO Bride — Christy Baird

Plum Pretty Sugar — Charlotte Hale


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