Samsung Galaxy S10 Supports COSMEE and Other Crypto Projects


It says a lot for cryptocurrency everywhere that one of the biggest phone brands in the world has added support for digital assets in its latest release. Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 series has done just that, with a built-in wallet function for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and two other altcoins.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Supports Crypto

A Samsung official unveiled the phone’s new features at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain yesterday.

The phone has been created with “various crypto and blockchain related projects” as standard on the device. It presented COSMEE, a blockchain-based beauty social media platform, as its first dApp partner.

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Serviced by Cosmochain blockchain, COSMEE is a well-known dApp in Korea that uses the blockchain to share and log beauty content. Users can earn COSM tokens on the service by uploading beauty reviews within the application. These reviews reward the user COSM cryptocurrency depending on ratings given by other users. Users can spend COSM tokens within the application.

According to dApp Life:

“Cosmochain explains that a trustworthy reward system can be created, as all activities including reviews and evaluations can be recorded on blockchain.”

Enjin Crypto Wallet

The tech giant also unveiled its support for Enjin on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Enjin is a South Korean cryptocurrency wallet that is pre-installed on the phone. Enjin is reportedly capable of sending and receiving ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 crypto game assets.

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Galaxy S10

Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy S10 at the Galaxy UNPACKED 2019 event in San Fransisco. Here, it revealed the ‘Galaxy Keystore’, which allows for the safe deposit of digital assets. Until today, the company did not disclose what specific cryptos or dApps it would support. Samsung has been actively engaging with a variety of dApp projects with a means to become a platform supporting a variety of different services.

What do you think of the Galaxy S10 support for cryptos? Is this a bullish move?

Featured image: DepositPhotos © KostyaKlimenko

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