Influencers And Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets To Designing An Instagramable Bedroom

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Lauryn Evarts at home.Lauryn Evarts

Bedrooms aren’t just spaces for sleeping. They’re so much more than that. A bedroom should feel like a retreat to restore both the body and mind. I interviewed a range of successful influencers and entrepreneurs about the most intimate rooms in their homes. They generously shared not just what these spaces looked like, but their thought process behind the design. Some collaborated with decorators, while others had no choice but to collaborate with their significant others. Either way, revealing these rooms offers a window into how they approach life as well as business.

Lauryn Evarts

Understatement can be a big statement.Lauryn Evarts

When creator Lauryn Evarts and her husband entrepreneur Michael Bosstick recently moved from San Diego to a new home in Los Angeles full time (they previously had a pied-à-terre), the couple only brought one item from their previous bedroom—a beautiful black headboard. Evarts wanted her new bedroom to have a minimalistic feel. She explained, “Everything is so chaotic in life, so to have a minimal bedroom is really calming and soothing for me. We don’t like a ton of art or stuff in the bedroom.”

She also adhered to the rules of Feng Shui with a properly positioned bed, two nightstands and no television. Evarts is intentional about the things she keeps in the space, making sure every object is something that soothes her, including she says “a huge Hydroflask of water, my favorite skin cream and CBD oil,” all within reach. 

For those trying to achieve a similar look, she suggests donating items that clutter up the space. Then, “Bring things into the bedroom that make you feel relaxed. For us, that’s candles and an oil diffuser. Try to stick to two colors for the theme of the room. We chose black and white to keep with the minimal vibe we want. Lastly, really focus on your bed linen because that’s where you’re spending eight hours of your life, every day (hopefully).”

Delilah Belle Hamlin

A California girl finds her New York style.RH Teen

When model Delilah Belle Hamlin moved to New York from Los Angeles to attend NYU, she was excited about many things including collaborating with RH TEEN and RH Interior Design to decorate her apartment. “I never had a chance to design my own place before. I was really excited, and I wanted to make thoughtful choices and create a cool, welcoming, inspiring space that I could enjoy. I love that it mixes styles and reflects my different tastes. It was really fun to collaborate with RH,” she explained.

Hamlin chose a modern mix of pieces for her bedroom including a tufted wing bedelegant shagreen nightstandsMongolian lamb pelts and pillowsagate-print beddinga cozy chunky knit wool throw, and a classic Empire chandelier in draped gunmetal.

Young House Love

Young House Love’s upholstered bed.Wayfair

Sherry and John Petersik are best known as the blogging duo behind Young House Love. After renovating three homes and writing two books, they recently collaborated with Wayfair to create a line of furniture. It features a variety of “classic meets vintage” pieces for the living room, bedroom, and dining areas.

The style of the collection was inspired by the couple’s personal journey as well as vintage items they’ve purchased over the years. “We wanted to design a collection that felt classic yet interesting,” they explained. “We had fun incorporating distinct touches so each piece feels special. We really put an emphasis on livable pieces that can layer with existing furniture and evolve with your family.”

Jonathan Greenberg

Animal rights activist and model Katie Cleary on Greenberg’s bed.Kut From The Kloth

Jonathan Greenberg who is the President of popular woman’s denim and sportswear company, Kut From The Kloth, has such a chic bedroom, the company decided to shoot their the campaign for their TRY5 program (try five pairs of jeans with free shipping and returns) in the space. They felt the “California beach meets contemporary,” look embodied the style of the brand.

When designing the space, Greenberg says, “We chose light colors, such as the white percale sheets to get that California look. Then we added tufting on the headboard with nail-heads to make it look more sophisticated.

Barbara Barry lamps and Bernhard side tables accessorize the room. Then, everything comes together with walnut dark wood floors, which highlight the Spanish architecture style of the house.

Alison Brod

Bedding by Missoni. Ideas by the one and only Alison Brod.Alison Brod

Founder of Alison Brod MC, Alison Brod has a busy life. So having a beautiful retreat outside of New York City in the Hamptons was of the utmost importance to her. Overall, she says the look she was going for was, “Pure peace.” This also meant no excess clutter or knickknacks. “The idea was to create a room that felt like I was in a hotel. Aman meets Frank Lloyd Wright. I have a masculine side, as evidenced by the mahogany, and a very feminine side—Barbie.”

One of the most noticeable things about the space is the Barbie photograph, which was taken by designer Jennifer Esposito. For others trying to create a similar look, Brod says, “Blowing up a shot that takes up a whole wall is aggressive, but if you want to make a statement, it’s one way to do it.”

Kelley Nemiro

Kelley Nemiro’s dreamy Moroccan-inspired retreat.Kelley Nemiro

Kelley Nemiro is the VP of Corporate Marketing and Guest Experience at Station Casinos as well as the founder of lifestyle blog of WilsonGabrielle. While the style of her bedroom couldn’t be further from Vegas, the design most certainly wins. “We really wanted to pull off a Moroccan vibe but keep the color palette neutral,” she says.

While the striking bedframe was custom made, Nemiro says there are other ways to achieve a similar look. “You can find a ton of the stuff we got at Restoration Hardware and West Elm. Make sure all of the pieces you’re picking remain in the black white and neutral color palette. And Moroccan inspired design always has a bunch of texture so try to find pieces with fun fringe that add some dimension to the space.”

Jennifer Avant Eustice

Behind the scenes at The Navy Leopard.Amy Bartlam

Jennifer Avant Eustice’s bedroom is one of the most important rooms in her Los Angeles home. It even features the custom leopard print bench that is the inspiration behind the name of her blog The Navy Leopard. Eustice designed the space with help from Leslie Hunt of LLH Interiors. “I definitely wanted leopard print and had negotiated a bit with my husband on this. He loved the shades of blue.”

Much of the furniture was custom made including the headboard, chair and dressers, which are built into a custom closet. The duvet was also customized by Deborah Sharpe Linens and includes the monogram from the couple’s wedding invitations.

The ceilings, light and spaciousness of the room make it ideal for Eustice’s signature photo shoots, at least when the family dog isn’t trying to interfere. “I shoot flat lays for my blog on the bench and my dog, Cupcake, loves the easy access to the bed that the bench provides. She had been known to crash flat lays. If it includes cashmere she will move it and find a perfect cuddle spot,” says Eustice.

Erika De La Cruz

This is just one part of Erika De La Cruz’s very large bedroom.Erika De La Cruz

Television host, author and founder of From Passion To Paycheck Erika De La Cruz has a such a large bedroom (550 square feet), it could be its own apartment. So, she decided to create a sitting area to fill the space. But instead of asking a designer, she crowdsourced ideas. “I knew I wanted a space that would double as both a sanctuary an inspirational space to brainstorm my next big work ideas. A place to relax, but also sit with a notebook if I wanted. I enlisted the help of some other #passionistas who I knew had a great eye, and got their opinions on color scheme and layout.”

As for the showstopping pink sofa, it was inspired by a similar one she saw at Blushington. “I was sitting in a make up chair at Blushington and I looked at this grey couch in the center of the lobby. It was the perfect size and I loved the knots. It was obviously not the color I was looking for, but I decided to ask management [where it was from]. Sure enough, it was custom! They gave me the name of the designer and I literally drove over to him the next day and said, sir, I need a Boss-babe’alicious light pink couch. He was very excited to make a statement piece.”

Brooke Soliz Taylor

Brooke Soliz Taylor in her clean and modern bedroom.Brooke Soliz Taylor

Moving into a new construction home was a double-edged sword for AfterbuzzTV host and political commentator Brooke Soliz Taylor. On one hand, she was able to choose the finishes of the space including flooring, backsplashes, cabinets and drawer handles. The flipside of this is that she was only able to see a model home before choosing all new furniture.

As for the bedroom, the only thing she kept from her previous home was the bed frame from Z Gallerie. She purchased her the nightstand and dresser from Furniture Masters, which she called “a real steal.”

For the linens and duvet, Taylor went high end with pieces from Restoration Hardware.

Amber Lee Lyons

A vintage feng shui vibe.Amber-Lee Lyons

When influencer and host of Chakra Girl Radio, Amber-Lee Lyons was decorating her bedroom, feng shui played a big influence. She revealed, “I had help to get the energy aligned in my room. I was told me to place my bed adjacent to the window for the best flow and to represent feminine and masculine duality on our nightstands for ultimate balance.”

As for the accessories, Lyons mixed textures, fabrics, and neutrals to represent her heritage with a Parisian vibe. One of the most important pieces in the room is the velvet chair that was passed down from her Grandmother.

She also keeps an array of crystals and essential oils on the nightstand for her morning chakra balancing ritual. There are also flowers to bring in “fresh vibes and light.” 

Allison Weiss Brady

The bedroom of Allison Weiss Brady and Chip Brady designed by Home With Alexis LLC.Devin Campbell Photography

When the founder of WeissPR Allison Weiss Brady moved back to Pennsylvania from Miami, she enlisted the help of Alexis Rodgers to design her home. Rodgers knew they wanted a bold space. “I knew a standard bedroom all-is-calm-go-to-sleep vibe wouldn’t do. They have a fun, energetic style that dares to be different and I wanted their bedroom to showcase that. Based on their personal style preferences and their love of Miami beaches, we decided to create a bedroom that would feel like a hip luxury hotel on South Beach.”

The very first piece they chose was the light fixture, which is the Slamp Aria Gold pendant lamp by architect Zaha Hadid. It set the tone for the rest of the decor.

One of the most striking pieces in the room is the painting of Kate Moss by Mr. Brainwash, which Rodgers says, “is one of those pieces that you can’t help but stare at.”

Another noteworthy element is the color scheme, which is surprisingly unintentional, “[It] wasn’t pre-meditated. We chose pieces they loved and the rest fell into place.”

Elena Davies

Lonestar chic.Elena Davies

Influencer Elena Davies designed this room along with her boyfriend because it was their first time living together. “I wanted to make the room feel inviting but calm. So I ditched my normal instinct to decorate with color and used grey and white,” she said.

As for her favorite accessory, Davies loves her deer head. “It makes such a statement for the room but it’s actually very affordable.”

For couples trying to decorate together,  she suggests avoiding overthinking things and keep it simple. 

Grant Rutter

Grant Rutter’s Studio G .Gran Rutter

Grant Rutter has a state of the art studio when he produces podcasts for NBC. But, for his own show Grant’s Rants Hollywood Talk, his studio apartment doubles as his recording studio and triples as his bedroom. But what his 1941 West Hollywood apartment lacks in size, it more than makes up for in charm.

Like many people with studio apartments, Rutter was concerned it would feel like a bedroom. “The only way I could make my space feel less like a big bedroom was to turn the mattress longways to the wall. This way it wouldn’t stick out and look like a hotel room. This gives you a daybed for guests to have some extra sitting room. I feel like it makes the whole space more functional.”

One of the most noteworthy features of the apartment is the banana leaf removable wallpaper, which Rutter purchased from Etsy. As a renter, he found this to be the perfect solution to add style without losing his security deposit.

Additional accessories including plants, mirrors and pillows handmade by his mother decorate the space without crowding it.


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