Bitcoin Gains 18%: Quinone CEO Says 2019 Will Bring New All-Time Highs


Despite Bitcoin’s intense price drop in recent months, some still believe it is going to turn it around next year. And there’s nothing to say it definitely won’t; in the last three days, Bitcoin has packed on 18% in gains.

Sudden Gains

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap jumped from $3,181 to $3,776 in under three days, proving further that nobody can truly know where this coin is headed next.

One advocate for its future upturn is Mike Kayamori, CEO of Quinone, a Japan-based crypto exchange platform. Speaking with Bloomberg TV, Kayamori believes that by the end of 2019, Bitcoin won’t just have increased its price, but it will hit a new all-time high. Is he just being hopeful or is there anything to back this up?

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