Civil War 2.0 Weather Report: It’s A Long Way To The Bottom

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from John Wilder at Wilder Wealthy Wise.

“The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East. A sleepless malice. The eye of the enemy is moving. He is here.” – Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King

I love really large clocks.  Big time.

  1. Common violence. Organized violence is occurring monthly.
  2. Opposing sides develop governing/war structures. Just in case.
  3. Common violence that is generally deemed by governmental authorities as justified based on ideology.
  4. Open War.

Violence and open crime are still being encouraged by the Left.  In Chicago, the murder rate looks like a tote-board for a telethon.  “Only three more hours for killing, folks, let’s get those numbers up!”

I’m holding August at 9 out of 10, but it’s getting closer.  That’s still two minutes to midnight, but there is absolutely no movement away from the precipice – we keep edging toward the abyss.

I currently put the total at (this is my best approximation since no one tracks the death toll from rebellion-related violence) hanging in at around 950 out of the 1,000 required for the international definition of civil war.

As close as we are to the precipice of war, be careful.  Things could change at any minute.  Avoid crowds.  Get out of cities.  Now.  A year too soon is better than one day too late.

In this issue:  Front Matter – The Enemy Is You – Violence And Censorship Update –– Updated Civil War 2.0 Index – It’s A Long Way Down – Links

Front Matter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Civil War II Weather Report.  These posts are different than the other posts at Wilder Wealthy and Wise and consist of smaller segments covering multiple topics around the single focus of Civil War 2.0, on the first or second Monday of every month.  I’ve created a page (LINK) for links to all of the past issues.  Also, subscribe because you’ll join nearly 550 other people and get every single Wilder post delivered to your inbox, M-W-F at 7:30AM Eastern, free of charge.

The Enemy Is You

If you’re reading this, the Federal government has decided who the enemy is:  you.  The Department of Homeland Security has put up a listing of potential terror threats.  The first?

  • Opposition to COVID Measures.

Regardless of your political bent, opposition to COVID measures is a valid political or religious position.  But in 2021, we live in an era where the Justice (?) Department thinks that burning down Minneapolis is to be encouraged, but where a group of people just wanting to live their lives are . . . potential terror threats when the most extreme thing they’ve ever done in their lives is to not be willing to accept the imposition of tyrannical controls on their lives.

If the United States saw what the government of the United States was doing to the people of the United States, then the United States would invade the United States to stop it.

The second point was this:

  • Claims of Election Fraud, Belief Trump can be Reinstated

Starting with the first part, I think it’s been well proven that there was election fraud.  All signs point to it being pervasive and large enough to have swung the election.  Again, the conspirators openly shared their techniques in Time® magazine while gloating that it worked.  But maybe we should believe the Democrats when they say there was no election fraud – after all they’re the ones who have the most experience.

Trump being reinstated?  Nah.  That won’t happen.  But the idea that there is fraud is also a valid reaction to the data and the way the elections was held.  Remember them blocking out the press and covering the windows so people couldn’t look in?

Yeah.  Still no explanation for that one.

The third point isn’t really a point, so we’ll skip it.

In the end, what the DHS is really saying is that this is the actual profile of their prime terror suspects:

Why, with red flags like that, I bet they even deny that they’re racist!

Violence And Censorship Update

Violence is endemic now in major cities, and much of it is politically motivated, so we’ll skip that this month.

The big story continues to be Censorship.  Where else to start but Lt. General (Ret.) Michael Flynn?

Flynn had been a supporter of Trump, and had been confirmed as National Security Advisor and had spent all of two weeks in the job before resigning.  He was the victim of the FBI’s initial witch hunt in the Trump administration.  Oh, and the appointing of Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate, well, whatever.

Anyway, in perhaps his biggest sin, Flynn remained loyal to Trump.  Though he agreed to a plea deal, Trump later pardoned him.  So, story over, right?

No.  Flynn is still speaking openly about things the Left doesn’t like.  I don’t think Flynn is really on the Right, but he really irritates the Left.  How much does he irritate them?

Chase Bank may have denied him credit, but Flynn can still borrow from Cheese Bank in Utah – I think they call it a Provo-loan.

Yup, they canceled his credit cards.  Not due to non-payment, just because they don’t like the things that Flynn is saying.  Again, the push to unperson people the Left doesn’t like carries on.  And now you know where Chase® sits.

Unpersoning is one way to censor – it certainly gives the rest of the people speaking out pause.  But there’s still old reliable:  shutting off access.  Censorship has been the usual ongoing mess.  The big name censored in August was . . . Vox Day.

Vox Day is a writer/game developer/social commentator/etc./etc. and has been needling the SJWs and the Left for, well, forever.  It used to be considered to be sporting fun jousting with the Left, but now any deviation from their norms are grounds for immediate attacks.

Vox has proven himself pretty much immune to the attacks, as long as they spell his name right.  In this case, Blogger® (a division of Google™) took down his blog.  Blogger© was his web home for many years.  Right now, if you go to his old website, you find a note that “This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only.”

So, shut down.

I had regularly been a reader of his site.  I can’t recall any of the commentaries that couldn’t have been read aloud on nearly any radio station in the country, legally.  But Vox has been more or less invulnerable to damage from the Left, which seems to infuriate them even more.

Another voice silenced.  Well, not silenced.  Two hours later, he was up and running, and within a day he had everything moved over to  As I said, he’s been pretty much immune to their attacks.

But governments can silence not just a single individual, but a whole class of people:

On Friday, I wrote about the Aussie trucker’s strike.  It has had an impact, but the government did its very best to shut down cell phones, social media, and any other electronic communications from the truckers.  The government even shut down video cameras that might have been used for people to observe the parked trucks.

Feels like the fix is in . . .

Oddly, the only way you could observe the strike in real-time was on Google® maps by the drive time delays.  And, yes, of course, the press was complicit in not covering it.  Two Leftists show up to protest the Leftist cause of the day?  Dozens of news cameras show up.

Hundreds of men protest for freedom?


That’s to be expected.  The major news outlets are all working together with the major tech websites to coordinate what is true.  They also coordinate who has the opportunity to speak.

Twitter®:  will give people who say “death to America” a say on Twitter™, but not a former president.  That says it all.

Updated Civil War II Index

The Civil War II graphs are an attempt to measure four factors that might make Civil War II more likely, in real-time.  They are broken up into Violence, Political Instability, Economic Outlook, and Illegal Alien Crossings.  As each of these is difficult to measure, I’ve created for three of the four metrics some leading indicators that combine to become the index.  On illegal aliens, I’m just using government figures.


Up is more violent, and our perception of violence is down in August, again.  I guess we’ve just lowered our standards.

Political Instability:

Up is more unstable, and it dropped again this month.  Unless there’s a crisis, I expect political instability to remain low until at least September.  Weirdly, it seems like June-July-August have the lowest levels of instability.  I guess that’s due to it being fresh vodka season in Washington D.C.?


Economic measures showed another uptick last month.  Are people becoming used to inflation?  What about when the shortages hit?

Illegal Aliens:

This data was at record levels last month, but we beat the record again.  Coming soon to a town near you, ready or not.

A Long Way Down

Right now the military of the United States is being filtered.  How?

Through the use of indoctrination/separation techniques like Critical Race Theory.  CRT was designed to create racial division.  Truth and Reconciliation efforts always are a blame game, whose main technique is constructed to not heal, but to reopen wounds.  In the United States the idea of CRT is to blame those who were uninvolved to benefit those who were unborn when the original injury occurred.

Hey, let’s take that idea to the military, where functional cohesion is dependent upon esprit de corps and camaraderie!

What could go wrong?

The entire thing, really.

I don’t like some races.  The 400 meter always made me want to puke.  It’s not a sprint, it’s not distance, what is it???  Sorry, I guess I’m critical of that race.

So, the military is cratering.  What about government?  It is nearly certain that our government is the stupidest it has ever been.  Really.

Seriously, does anyone think her IQ would even be a warm day in Houston?

We have a vice president putting flowers down at a memorial to the people who shot down John McCain after the “successful” withdrawal strategy that Alzheimer-in-Chief Biden approved and then forgot about.  Now, I’m no John McCain fan by any stretch, but this is incompetence at the level of the Three Stooges®.

Yes.  The military is being driven to incompetence.  Biden and Harris are in a race to see which is worse:  stupidity or dementia.

That leaves the economy.  At least it’s doing well, right?

The Fed should take my lead and just start showing bikini models in their graphs.  Oh, wait, they don’t want people to read them.

No.  When the Fed stops publishing a model because it shows the GDP has collapsed (as shown to be mathematically certain by this author several months ago), you know it’s very, very bad.

And we have yet to hit bottom.  When I started publishing these, in several comments folks noted that we wouldn’t have Civil War 2.0 when we had such a good economy.  Full bellies don’t start revolutions.

As the shortages develop and inflation takes hold, remember these things:

  • It’s a long, long way to the bottom. We are actually right now in the “false hope” section I wrote about back in spring of 2020.
  • Stay away from crowds. 72 hours can change everything about your life.
  • Get out of the cities.   Really.
  • Better to be a year early in preparing than a day late.


As usual, links this month are courtesy of Ricky.  Thanks so much, Ricky!!

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