The national eviction ban is over. But renters still can’t be forced out in these states

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The national eviction ban is no longer in effect, after the Supreme Court struck it down last week, leaving the more than 11 million Americans still behind on their rent at risk of being forced out of their homes.

However, at least four states and Washington, D.C., will continue to ban evictions: Illinois will do so until Sept. 19; California’s ban will last through Sept. 30; and, New Jersey and D.C. will still curb the proceedings until January 2022. New Mexico also has an eviction moratorium in effect, and an expiration date hasn’t yet been announced.

Struggling renters in these states should look up their local law for more information, as the rules vary.

For example, to qualify for protection from eviction in New Jersey, a tenant has to make less than 80% of the median income in their county.

Meanwhile, the White House has called on more states to take action to prevent evictions.

Worried about eviction? You still have options

If you haven’t already, apply for rental assistance, experts say.

Congress has allocated more than $45 billion in aid to address the crisis hitting renters and landlords, and only a sliver of the money has been spent so far. If you’re approved for the relief, you could get up to 18 months of rent covered.

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National eviction ban struck down, but renters still have options

Just applying can help you stay in your home longer.

In at least five states, those who’ve put in an application but haven’t received the funding yet are entitled to some protection from eviction. Those are: Washington state, Oregon, Minnesota, New York and Nevada.

Some of these policies offer renters a lot more time: Those with a pending application for federal rental assistance in Minnesota can’t be evicted until June 2022.

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