Cryptocurrency’s latest use case: Music production?


A recent collaboration between social influencers Estefannie and Look Mum No Computer, the pseudonym of musician Sam Battle, has resulted in a device that creates sounds (or music, perhaps, to some?) based on the price volatility of various cryptocurrency markets.

Battle constructed a mechanism to generate voltage fluctuations as derived from changes in crypto price, and Estefannie programmed a Raspberry Pi to produce a sequence of relevant sounds from that data.

In his explanatory video on building the “analog synthesizer musical machine,” Estefannie opined that “This would be a great tool to know when to sell and when to buy.” The duo’s final output has been showcased in an hour-long YouTube video, though the coin charts used for this specific performance remain a mystery for fans. 

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Back in June, Cointelegraph reported that the Jay-Z-backed music streaming service Tidal could be eyeing support for blockchain innovations such as NFTs and smart contracts. The music producer said at the time that smart contracts were of particular interest, as they could allow artists to write residuals contracts that say, for instance, that “any sale that happens, I want to receive 10% or 30%. Or you can write it out: 50% on the first one, 40% on the next.”

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