Are Silver Prices On The Verge of Another Short Squeeze?

Gold & Silver

As we head into May, attention has once again shifted to the Silver market with rumours of another attempt to push up prices – under the movement, spearheaded by a group of retail traders known as #SilverSqueeze and #SilverRaid.

Elsewhere in the commodity markets, Palladium, Copper and other industrial metals have continued to take centre-stage this month. Palladium and Copper prices in particular have made an impressive start in Q2, 2021, driven by a big surge in Green Energy and Infrastructure spending this year.

This week, Palladium prices notched up further gains, surging at an all-time record high – almost in striking distance of the $3,000 mark.

Palladium’s explosive rally also pulled up Copper, which is now trading at a decade high. Copper prices have more than doubled since March last year.

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There are plenty of fundamental factors why metals are on the move, but the key driver is a vaccine-led recovery fuelled by massive amounts of global stimulus into Green Energy and Infrastructure projects. This is against a backdrop of tightening supply across many high-in-demand commodities, which indicates that a new supercycle is now firmly underway.

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