Lockdowns The Big Issue in 2020 Election

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This is unprecedented in world history…

Gerald Celente interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal says the biggest issue in the 2020 election is the lockdowns. Celente says, “It’s not just here, but it’s around the world. This is unprecedented in world history. They locked down Paris again. . . . Ireland is on full lockdown again. . . . I estimate 38% are opposed to this lockdown, and that is the core vote. The other ones do as they are told. They are not fighters. You have about 38% that are the fighters, and they are going to vote very strongly. This is why I believe Trump is going to win. ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ was the line they used in the 1992 Presidential race. That was the Clinton campaign slogan . . . and ‘it’s the economy, stupid’– again.”

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Celente also likes physical gold and silver. He says the massive money printing caused by the CV19 pandemic is going to drive them both much higher. Celente also predicts, “Massive money printing is going to cause severe economic problems such as the world has never seen .”

Celente also warns that people should brace themselves for the “Greatest Depression.”

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