World of Ether is Now Live! Game on

World of Ether

The highly anticipated crypto-collectibles dApp, World of Ether (WoE), has officially launched its mainnet!

World of Ether

World of Ether is a blockchain-based game that is centered around collecting, breeding, fighting, and selling monsters. The developers behind the game have created a multi-level rich, interactive world, held entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. WoE is very similar to that of Pokemon, where there are five different ‘types’ of monsters. Each type holds its own advantages and strategies. As well as types, these monsters hold four grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary.

Legendary monsters are extremely difficult to obtain but are extremely valuable and powerful. Few players in the game will ever encounter them. However, battling your monsters gives you higher experience in the game and increases your chances of breeding rare monsters. Unlike Pokemon, the monsters in the game don’t level up, the players do. That’s the main difference.

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